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  • High speed for converting photo to MPEG movie
  • Easy-to-use converter for creating dynamic photo slideshow
  • Customized design and decoration,adding background music and recoring voice function
  • Convert photo to video to MPEG movie in .mpg format for showing slideshow on YouTube,Facebook
  • Built-in dynamic transition effects and Pan&zoom function

Socusoft Photo to Video Converter Free version is an absolutely easy-to-use tool to create MPEG-1 stunning slideshows with your still digital photos.Whether you are an expert or a novice,you can easily but professionally combine still digital photos with background music by using this excellent MPEG slideshow video converter software. It includes built-in dynamic Pan&Zoom and transition effects for photo slideshow creation and a Powerful high speed MPEG-1 video convertor engine. You can share your special memories with your friends and families on YouTube,Facebook,MySpace or other MPEG video player by the help of this photo to video converter easily.

The powerful Photo to Video Converter Free Version allows you import your all kinds of format digital photos ,add background music,set the dynamic pan&zoom and transition effects then create the eye-catching MPEG-1(mpg) movie slideshows.With this easy-to-use Photo to video converter Free version,then you can convert your still digital photo to the dynamic MPEG-1 movie slideshows for playing on PC,Windows media player,office Powerpoint,YouTube,Facebook,MySpace or other multimedia MPEG movie player device.You can add more than 1000 photos and various pieces of background music,then use the photo to video converter free version to create your eye-catching MPEG-1 movie slideshows in .mpg format.You can make your own MPEG-1 movie Chrismtas slideshows,Wedding MPEG-1 movie slideshows,New year MPEG movie slideshows, Birthday MPEG movie slideshows,Vacation slideshows,Halloween slideshows or more to share with family,friends or customers.

You can already find many softwares to add frames to your pictures, so why a new one? GoodFrame is diferent. I am going to explain you why: When you add a frame to a picture in a normal way the ratio is not kept.

Example :
Let say your picture is 3872 x 2592 pixels, the ratio between the height and the width is 1,5 (15/10). You want to a frame that is 400 pixels thick. The new size of you picture is now 4672 x 3392 pixels, and the ratio between the height and the width is 1,38, diferent from 1,5

If you just want to display it on a website it is not a problem but if you want to print it on a 15/10 format the result will not be very nice.
You are going to have black vertical bands on the left and on the right or the frame will be only 261 pixels thick on the top and on the bottom. This why I developped this software.

Here is the list of the features:

  • Can work on one picture or on a complete folder

  • Some standard frames are delivered

  • The frames can be composed of 4 diferent colors

  • A logo can be added on the picture

  • A watermark can be added

  • A signature can be added

  • The pictures can be resized in order to be published on a web site for example.

  • The JPeg quality can be selected.

  • The original pictures are never modified.

  • The exifs information are kept

Desktop Stationery is a freeware Windows application which is designed to act as a companion to the user, providing instant access to various utilities. Desktop Stationery requires the .NET Framework 2.0 available from Microsoft to run. The main window is situated on the right-hand of the screen and always remains open unless it is hidden by the user.


- Shortcuts to programs/files
- Sticky notes
- Reminders
- Alarm
- Simple calendar
- Character codes (eg. Alt+136 for ê)
- Wallpaper cycler
- Media player (Based on Windows Media Player)
- Metronome
- New Testament of the King James Version Bible
- New Testament Bible verses on the main window
- Password generator
- Basic system information
- Unit converter

The 3D Froggy is a logic game. The player's logic and combination abilities are tested on a 50 levels which is getting harder gradually. The 3D representation of the task is paired with a pleasant sight. The player's task is to persuade the members of the frog colony (who are sitting on the rock) to jump into the waving water which is just in front of them. This may be achieved by completing series of steps according to the rules of the game. It counts as a regular step, if the player (with the chosen frog) reaches a rock by jumping over a rock or a frog which is next to him. Whether a step is regular or not is shown by the colour of the cursor (red) and the line showing the arc of jumping (green). Each member of the colony has a number above its head: 1, 2 or 3, which shows how many times the small amphibian should be jumped over before leaping into the water.

This free checkers game it is quite handy and will give you lot of fun. The game offers 3 difficulty levels; you can select the desired level from the game menu. This board game also plays sounds for moves and actions and it is possible to enable/disable those sounds using the menu options. The game also makes possible to change pawn colors for each player as you can see on the screen shots. This game is based on the international rules, so your queens can move in any direction and any number of cells. A new version of this game is almost finished and will have options for chossing between the american rules and the international ones as well as other updates.

SQLExpress Console (SEC) is a free administration utility for simple SQL operations on MS-SQL servers. It is primarily intended for developers that need an effective yet not overwhelming tool to work with their MS-SQL server, the Express or the Enterprise editions.
There is an effective wizard to establish a connection, a handy editor to execute multiple (mass) statements and a rather spartan viewer. This is a very useful and lightweight solution for simple day-to-day database tasks.

is a free arcade game inspired by classics Asteroids and Missile Command. In the game you protext your planet from incoming asteroids using a missile based defense system and a special weapon known as the "Gravity Wave".

- Rabbit Dream 1.1 (8071 View)
- AssessTree (7501 View)
- Favoritestown 2.0 (16338 View)
- SwfDrop 0.9c (14432 View)
- Selingua 5.2 (13691 View)
- Windows Grep 2.3 (14150 View)
- RSSMate 5.3m (13544 View)
- ozZoom (13223 View)
- ozSync (11430 View)
- ApplicationMonitor 1.0 (14221 View)
- Startup Delayer 2.0.2 (11089 View)
- CodecInstaller 2.10.1 (11227 View)
- A-PDF Text Extractor 1.1.0 (12592 View)
- Java Code Export 1.0 (10704 View)
- PhotoRazor 2.1 (13879 View)
- SplitFile 1.8 (10018 View)
- ProcessScanner 1.1 (19905 View)
- StyleFolder 1.0.3 (16571 View)
- Free Swift AntiVirus (15600 View)
- Inkscape 0.46 (14069 View)
- USBDeview 1.25 (18783 View)
- MozillaCacheView 1.08 (19084 View)
- MyLastSearch 1.21 (15035 View)
- HashMyFiles 1.36 (15642 View)
- RecentFilesView 1.09 (15579 View)
- InsideClipboard 1.06 (66908 View)
- FileTypesMan 1.07 (15463 View)
- BluetoothView 1.10 (19423 View)
- Celestia 1.5.1 (15831 View)
- VSO Inspector 1.4.2 (15215 View)
- Lansweeper 3.1 (16361 View)
- TweakNow WinSecret Professional 1.5.0 (9335 View)
- AmoK DVD Shrinker 1.3 (9314 View)
- WinPDF 1.00 (9246 View)
- CleanAfterMe 1.16 (5868 View)
- WirelessNetView 1.03 (6396 View)
- System Protect 1.0 (5946 View)
- Black Box Password Manager 1.9 (5020 View)
- Medical Image Viewer 0.6 (9246 View)
- Defraggler 1.02 RC2 (6104 View)
- AutoScan Network 1.29 (5249 View)
- PinNotes 1.3 Bea 2 (4899 View)
- MagicPDF 2.01 (5184 View)
- Free NT File Recovery 2.0 (4752 View)
- CD Recovery Toolbox Free 1.1 (4863 View)
- JS Menu Maker 1.0 (5362 View)
- FreeUndelete 2.0 (4731 View)
- Free XLS Viewer 1.30 (7023 View)
- Unreal Commander 0.94 (5765 View)
- 101 Clips 9.01 (5279 View)